Greetings from the Transition Committee

Dear Friends in the Diocese of Southern Ohio:

Greetings from the Transition Committee! We are glad to report to you that we have gathered and begun to organize ourselves to accompany the bishop nominees on the final steps of their journey and to plan the Ordination of the Bishop Diocesan scheduled to take place on February 17, 2024.

In the last several weeks, we have gathered and met one another, prayed together, and assigned each member to a sub-committee with responsibility for a particular portion of our work. Between now and this summer, when the slate of candidates for bishop will be finalized, we will be preparing to welcome the candidates to the diocese in September and organizing the bishop election, which will take place on September 30.

The bishop search website is the best source of information about our bishop search and can help keep you informed as the process unfolds. You can find key dates on the timeline. The next date to keep in mind is June 29, when the Standing Committee will announce the slate of bishop nominees presented to them by the Nominating Committee. After that, we will have a short period of time known as a petition process, when other priests are able to submit their names for consideration. By August 10, we expect to know the final slate of candidates to be the 10th Bishop of Southern Ohio, and from September 11 to 15, you will have the opportunity to welcome them at meet-and-greet sessions.

If you have questions for us, please email will be in touch periodically as our work progresses, but we want to hear from you with concerns, input, or ideas. We have committed to the work of the Holy Spirit in all of our decisions and actions, and your voices can help us hear the Spirit moving in our midst.

As our diocese continues this journey, please pray for us, for the Nominating Committee, and for the clergy discerning a call to be our next bishop. May God grant us wisdom and grace.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. Courtney Dale
Mr. Mike Kennedy

Co-Chairs, Transition Committee

Mr. Greg Said
Mr. David Thomson
Transition Committee Communication Sub-Committee