From the Standing Committee: Transition Committee Appointed

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

The Standing Committee has been engaged in prayerful work selecting the members of the Transition Committee. All applicants possessed considerable gifts and skills, and from among them, we chose 15 individuals to represent the rich and deep diversity of our diocese. We are grateful to each one who has agreed to serve. 

You can find the Transition Committee roster here along with news updates, the timeline for the search, and other information about the process of seeking our next bishop.

We are glad to announce that the Rev. Cortney Dale and Michael Kennedy will serve as co-chairs. The committee will have a Zoom kickoff on February 11. 

The transition committee has several important tasks ahead of it:

  • Welcome the bishop candidates to the diocese and conduct the “Meet and Greet” week.
  • Coordinate with diocesan staff to plan and conduct the electing convention.
  • Plan and implement the ordination of the bishop-elect in collaboration with diocesan staff and the Presiding Bishop’s staff.
  • Assist with collecting gifts for the new bishop.
  • Arrange a farewell event for Bishop Smith.
  • Arrange for a smooth transition for the new bishop and, if needed, the bishop’s family to the diocese.
  • Provide attentive pastoral care for those not elected.
  • Plan for the seating of the new bishop (see page 335 of the Book of Occasional Services, “Welcoming and Seating of a Bishop in the Cathedral.”)

O God, we ask you to fill those on the Transition Committee with your grace as they use their gifts to plan for and welcome candidates for the tenth Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Ohio. Be with each candidate, their families and friends, as the candidates discern their call from you, travel safely to and from us, meet us as we greet them here, and as they finally stand for election. Call to us as our next bishop the candidate that will best serve you and us. Lead the electing convention by your Holy Spirit. Be with the elected candidate as well as those not elected as they follow the discernment of your call to them. Help the entire diocese to support those planners and providers of hospitality that they may reflect all they do in your glory and honor. Let all those throughout the Episcopal Church who are responsible for the consent of our newly elected bishop hear your Word and inspiration. We give you thanks for the service of so many toward this goal, especially for the Rt. Rev. Wayne Smith. Confirm our joy and celebration as we move to the ordination and seating of our new bishop, so that our new shepherd may lead us closer to your kingdom. Amen.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. James Allsop, president
Dr. Elizabeth Barker
The Rev. Jed Dearing, secretary
Mr. Barry Feist
The Rev. Scott Gunn
The Rev. David Kendall-Sperry, vice president
The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Southern Ohio