Application to Serve on the Transition Committee for the Tenth Bishop of Southern Ohio

While the Bishop Nominating Committee is working hard, conducting listening sessions and writing the diocesan profile that will lead to developing a slate of bishop nominees, the Standing Committee also needs to appoint the Transition Committee so its work can begin.

The Standing Committee is accepting applications for members of the Transition Committee through the close of business on January 4. Find the online application here.

What does the Transition Committee Do?

  • Educate the diocese on the role of a bishop diocesan and the gifts needed to fill the role
  • Coordinate with diocesan staff to plan and conduct the electing convention
  • Conduct the “Meet and Greet” week for bishop candidates
  • Plan and implement the service of ordination of the bishop-elect in collaboration with the diocesan staff and the staff of the Episcopal Church
  • Assist with the collecting of gifts for the new bishop
  • Arrange a farewell event for Bishop Smith
  • Arrange for a smooth transition of the new bishop and, if needed, the bishop’s family to the diocese
  • Provide attentive pastoral care for those not elected
  • Plan for the seating of the new bishop.

How often will the Committee meet?

  • Most of the work will be done on Zoom or through other online communication tools
    • There will be one mandatory retreat via Zoom at the outset of the committee’s
    • Subcommittees will meet online.

What criteria will the Standing Committee use to select members of the Transition Committee?

  • The Standing Committee will select between 15 and 20 people from across the diocese to form a balanced committee with a variety of skills, including:
    • the ability to problem-solve effectively and diplomatically
    • a commitment to maintaining neutrality about the slate of candidates to avoid any undue influence on the election
    • the ability to use the internet and other electronic communication platforms (not social media).

What are the additional skills that are needed on the committee?

Individual committee members are not expected to have every skill or strength listed below, but each skill should be well represented within the group:

  • Networking, requiring a broad knowledge of the diocese so appropriate groups and people are invited into relevant tasks
  • Tact and diplomacy
  • Event management and planning
  • Enthusiasm and creativity
  • Communication
  • Technology (must be able to use Zoom and share documents)
  • Organization
  • Hospitality
  • Pastoral care
  • Team player
  • Thick skin.

What are the skills required to be the chair of the committee?

  • A proven track record of “getting it done”
  • Extremely well-organized and detail-oriented
  • Diplomatic and collaborative leadership style
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Ability to:
    • make honest and accurate reports to the Standing Committee as requiredoffer excellent listening skillsconceptualize eventsbreak down tasks and delegate effectively
    • keep accurate track of progress
  • The ability to be fully available during the process (no competing duties)

If you wish to apply, please complete the application before January 4.

A prayerful attitude is essential in this process. A good prayer to keep in mind:

We thank you for setting us at tasks which demand our best efforts, and for leading us to accomplishments which satisfy and delight us – Book of Common Prayer p. 836