Application to Serve on the Nominating Committee for the Tenth Bishop of Southern Ohio

The Nominating Committee is instrumental in working with the power of the Holy Spirit to find the person who will lead the Diocese of Southern Ohio. We know that no one has ALL the strengths for which we are looking. The Standing Committee is committed to developing a balanced, diverse Nominating Committee where the members’ strengths will complement one another and harmoniously work toward developing a slate to present to Standing Committee.

It is essential that you are willing to dedicate time and effort into this process which will be approximately nine months in length. There will be two retreats (October 7-8, 2022 and June 15-17, 2023) which will require your complete attendance. Please read and pray about the Requirements and Desirable Gifts for members of the Nomination Committee. These are important areas to consider as you decide if you are willing and qualified to take on the commitment of the Nominating Committee’s Charge.

Applications are due to the Standing Committee by midnight on August 22.

All information contained in the application is confidential to the Nomination Committee and its consultant. Application will be kept in a secure file until the end of the entire search process, at which time the applications will be destroyed.

Please compete all areas of the application.

Requirements and Desirable Gifts

The Nominating Committee is a discerning, inclusive, collaborative, representative, prayerful group of Episcopalians from the Diocese of Southern Ohio who will be the group that reviews the applications for becoming the next Bishop Diocesan of the Diocese. No one person has all the gifts that are needed for a successful committee. As you review the qualities, please think about the areas where you have strengths and gifts.

Qualities required for membership on this Committee are:

  • Spiritual maturity and a strong prayer life with well-grounded Christian faith
  • Excellent listener and interviewer
  • Ability to organize and synthesize pertinent information
  • Develop and standardize a variety of screening tools, interview questions, and evaluation instruments
  • Communication skills for a variety of audiences
  • Respected by both clergy and laity
  • Excellent management skills
  • Well organized and focused
  • Respectful of others’ opinion and viewpoints
  • Commitment to absolute confidentiality
  • Ability to communicate electronically and to create and manage online documents using tools such as Dropbox
  • Enthusiastic, energetic and eager to do a spectacular job

Desirable gifts for members of the Nomination Committee include:

  • Understanding that the process is one of mutual discernment rather than an executive search
  • Understanding the big picture and what is best for the diocese, not a personal interest focus
  • Commitment to the process as a marathon and is able to stay at it over the long haul
  • Is a bridge builder, not a polarizer
  • Knowledgeable about the Episcopal Church and its polity
  • Ability to “go with the flow” and not expect the process to be smooth and without bumps in the road
  • Able to prayerfully make hard decisions
  • Pastoral relationships with the candidates to assure positive experiences for them

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